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Last month we hosted a short webinar covering on how to drive Critical Control Inspections directly from your Bowtie.
If you want to learn how to save time and effort by leveraging bowtie-driven critical control inspections, then this is the webinar for you.


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Are you driving your Critical Control Inspections directly from your Bowties?
If the time available for inspections is reducing but the list of inspections is increasing, then the Meercat RiskView verification engine will optimise your regime and keep it running at optimal.

Based on your risk and assurance data and policies, critical control verifications are scheduled and delivered to the appropriate person or role for action, repeatedly saving time and effort.

The Android/iOS compatible Meercat RiskView App provides a simple, no-training-required method for operators, maintainers, and the occasional board member, to perform a critical control verification in the field, on or off-line.

Results are fed back to our dashboards in real-time highlighting progress as well as instantly identifying any noncompliances before they set alarm bells ringing further up the line. Pre-defined rules prompt for more details and follow-up actions based on priority, ensuring process consistency.

Mashing inspection data from multiple spreadsheets or different systems together is no longer necessary as data flows seamlessly to the dashboard and reports for instant visibility and permanent transparency.

And Verifications aren’t limited to just critical controls. They can also be used to schedule risk reviews, performance standard reviews or any other type of review you think necessary, with results being categorised according to the appropriate safety management system element.

Leveraging bowtie-driven critical control inspections has never been simpler or more efficient.


Meercat RiskView’s integrated features combine to provide you the best-practice risk and control assurance process. Leverage the knowledge gathered from efficiency leaders to drive your risk maturity and business improvement with Meercat RiskView.

For more information, visit our Critical Control Verifications Page or Book a Demo with one of our customer solutions consultants today.

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