Verification Initiation in RiskView

Verification Initiation is new functionality in the RiskView mobile Version 7.12.1

Verification initiation improves the utility of RiskView by allowing mobile users to create Ad-Hoc verification activities on the go to verify various base controls and major accident events. Individual users can create verifications without relying on the system administrator to create and manage all verifications.

The verification initiation functionality is currently only available in the mobile version. Verification initiation is scheduled to be added to the web platform in version 7.13.

Verification Initiation requires the selection of:

  1. A register (to create the verification in)
  2. A base control or major accident event (to perform the verification on)

The Verification Initiation Process

1Launch RiskView mobile and login to your RiskView instance.

Select the new floating button to open the verification initiation workflow.


The introduction displays a generic introduction. Use the arrows or the “Next” button to progress.


Select a register from the list in which to create the new verification; select next to proceed.


Select either base control or major accident event depending on which verification type the user wishes to perform.

Once the user has a made a selection the next button will be enabled.


Select an individual item on which to perform the verification. The user will be presented with a list of either base controls or major accident events depending on which was chosen in  the previous menu.


Complete the various fields required including: verification name and due date.

8Select the generate button to create the new verification. The new verification will be opened once created.