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New Customer Update: V1 Aviation Joins the Meercat Gang!

We’re proud to announce that V1 Aviation has selected Meercat RiskView as their risk management and assurance tool. 

V1 Aviation Consulting provides support and research to small aircraft operators as well as small, medium and large airlines.

In addition to their core functions of Operations Manual production, Air Operator Certificate establishment and variations, route planning, aircraft selection and regulatory compliance assurance; V1 provides comprehensive risk assessments, analysis and mitigation strategies via Riskview’s Bowtie analysis method.

Director and Principal Consultant, Matthew Granger, has over 35 years of experience across military, international airline and aeromedical flight operations and management.  He has accumulated over 18,000 flying hours, is a Check Pilot, Flight Examiner and Training Captain, is type-rated on several business jets, the Airbus A330 and the Boeing 747.  He was until recently the Subject Matter Expert for the introduction of the Pilatus PC-24 jet into the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Western Operations) and has consulted with RFDS Central (South Australia) for the introduction of their PC-24.

Meercat is excited to be supporting V1 Aviation as they continue to build and grow best-practice risk and assurance tools.

If you are interested in how Meercat RiskView can work in with your risk management strategy, click here to request a demo.

About Meercat RiskView

Meercat RiskView provides all the risk and assurance tools a company needs to build and grow a best-practice business from day one.

It’s fast to deploy, secure, transparently involves everyone, shares learnings, and insights, and reduces the time, expertise and cost associated with getting better at business and minimising costly losses.

Used by retailers to hydro generators, chemical manufacturers to consultants, Meercat RiskView has the technical firepower and simplicity to keep everyone on the same page, solving problems consistently and efficiently.

For more information, visit our product page or request a demo today.

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