Utilising Verification Groups in Verification Activities

Verification Group is a new entity that is recently added in the recent minor update. Verification Group can be considered as a counterpart of Base Control, whereby it is mostly used to group similar Risk Controls. Verification Group can not only be attached to Risk Control, it can also be used in Base Control.

By default, Verification Group is hidden in both Risk Control and Base Control. To show/enable the new option, you will need to navigate to the Configuration Editor -> Register Policies -> Controls:

To add new Verification Group, navigate to Browse -> Assurance -> Verification Groups, and this will bring up the Verification Groups grid view. To add a new entry, click on the “+” button from the toolbar.

The Verification Group option will be visible in the Properties Panel when the register policies are enabled for Risk/Base Control. The screenshot below shows the attached Verification Group in Risk Control.

When a Verification Group is enabled in Base Control and is present in the Base Control, any connected Risk Control will inherit the Verification Group as a result. Screenshots below show that “Workforce Involvement” Verification Group is attached to the “Training” Base Control and that Base Control is attached to the preventative Risk Control. If Verification Group is configured to be shown in the Risk Control, then it will show the Verification Group from the attached Base Control.

Once you have attached Verification Groups to all relevant Risk/Base Controls, you can then proceed with generating Verification Activities for the Verification Group you are interested in.

In the example below, we are interested in doing a Verification Activity for rail on-site inspection and we have identified that the Verification Group involved in this Verification Activity to be “Workforce Involvement”.

This Verification Template will generate a Verification Activity for every eligible Verification Group found in the corresponding Register. In this example, as the “Workforce Involvement” is used in the Base Control and it is linked to a Bowtie (via Risk Control), it will generate a Verification Activity for the user. Users can also apply additional filter, such as Major Accident Events to the Template to further define the Verification Scope.