Unlocking Verification Wizards

Before the 7.8.1 patch, users are not able to unlock their Verification Wizards from the offline workspace and that can be inconvenient to the users.

With this update, users will be able to save their work and unlock the verification from the offline workspace.

The new update will allow users to

  1. Unlock and download any Verification Wizard that is locked to the user
  2. Switch and complete the Verification Wizard in a different device more seamlessly

Unlock from Offline Workspace

The offline workspace has been updated to now show Verification Wizards that are assigned to the user or locked by the user.

The screenshot above shows a list of Verifications that are associated with the user. Upon clicking on the “Open” button, if the Verification is already being performed in another device, a warning and confirmation message will be prompted to the user, allowing the user to perform Verification on another device.

Note: Unlocking the Verification will void the local data saved in the original device.

The Verification will be downloaded upon clicking on the “Proceed” button and the Verification Wizard will be opened once the download process finishes.

The experience is the same if user opens a locked Verification from the email notification. The warning and confirmation message will be prompted to the user and the locked Verification can then be downloaded upon unlocking it.