Meercat RiskView is licensed on a subscription basis.

Each Subscription is designed to meet your needs today and reflect those needs as they change over time.

To meet your needs, there are four levels of features and they can be provided to from 1 to any number of users.

The Subscription is a recurring annual fee based on the number of users logged in to RiskView at any one time.

Any number of users can access RiskView, but only the subscribed number at a time. These units are called Concurrent Users.

Concurrent Users are available in units of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 and Unlimited Users.

In addition to number of Concurrent Users, clients can also specify the Subscription Level which influences the features available to the users.

Common and Specific Subscription Level Feature options are set out below.

Common Features

  • 24/7 Access

    Your RiskView service runs 24/7, just like you do. And apart from a few minutes every few months for upgrades, it will be there when you need it.

  • Amazon Hosting

    RiskView is hosted on Amazon infrastructure to meet your security, reliability and performance requirements.

  • Upgrading Services

    We handle all the upgrades and ensure that your service is back on-line as soon as possible. We’ll also work around your business needs so if you’ve got deadlines to meet, we can reschedule to suit.

  • On-Going Enhancements

    Slowly but surely we are enhancing RiskView based on your requests and ideas and our vision for the future. And, depending on your Subscription options, will get access to everything.

  • Office hours’ access to Meercat Support Desk

    We’re here to help you through any issues you might have, by phone, email, or chat. We can even screen share to see what’s going on from your end.

  • Hourly database backups

    Every hour, on the hour, your data is being backed up. To get technical, we do a full backup every 24 hours and an incremental one for every hour in between. If you have a problem, let us know and we can put you back where you were less than an hour ago. And, if anything happens to Amazon, well, we copy those backups off-site so as to multiply the redundancy. If you’d like access to your backups, let us know and we can send you a copy every so often.

Subscription Levels

Meercat RiskView delivers features across 3 Subscription Levels.

Each level can be thought of as a distinct level of maturity on an organisation’s journey towards risk management mastery.

The levels are:

  1. Risk Starter
  2. Risk Integrator
  3. Risk Optimiser

The features in each level include the features of the previous levels.

Features in Risk Starter Subscription

  • Bowties – Bowtie Diagramming – Create and Duplicate new Bowties, Print Bowties, etc.
  • Bowtie Analysis – Assess Risk with Bowtie
  • Risk Register – Prioritise and Report on risk
  • Bowties – Basic Nodes – Causes, Preventative Controls, Top Event, Mitigative Controls and Consequences
  • Advanced Nodes – Escalation Factors, Intermediate Events and Enabling Events
  • Copy and paste Nodes – In Bowties and Between Bowties
  • Bowtie Perspectives to customise layout
  • Basic Analysis Types – Non-Calculated, Qualitative and LOPA
  • Basic Scenario Modelling – Current
  • Control Scenario Modelling – For all Controls (Inherent risk)
  • Basic Risk Reduction Calculation Methods – Qualitative
  • Node Filtering on Bowtie – Preventative and Mitigative Controls, Selected Nodes, Critical and Non-Critical Controls, Rejected Causal Pathways and Advanced Nodes
  • Actions
  • Ownership – People
  • Bowtie Perspectives
  • Control Determination – Non-Critical and Critical
  • Control Assessment Schemes – Effectiveness Only
  • Track Actions – Email notification
  • People – Owners, Reciepients, Approvers, etc.
  • General – Reporting – Over 20 Configurable reports covering all aspects of system usage
  • Dashboard Features – Multi-page dashboard for every user with Configurable dashlets
  • Dashboard Features – Drill-down, Hierarchical, Trends, Export to Image, Export to Excel, Admin Settings for common pages
  • Search – System-wide Google-type Searching
  • Configuration – Configure bowtie terminology, Configure Risk Matrix, Configure Consequence Categories, Configure Control Statuses, etc.
  • User Devices Supported – Desktop

Additional Features in Risk Integrator Subscription

  • Hazard Studies – HAZID, HAZOP, Generate Bowties from Study Issue(s) – Create and Duplicate new Hazard Studies
  • Input Sources – Deviation-Guideword Templates, Assessment Templates, Study Templates and Excel Import
  • Worksheet Configuration – Column Selection and Layout
  • Other Features – Participant Register, Actions, Study Perspectives, Reports, Progress Notes and Attachments
  • Export Study contents – Excel and PDF Export
  • Advanced Scenario Modelling – Initial Risk, Proposed Risk, Inherent Risk, Tolerability Assessment and Mitigated Cause Contribution Percentage
  • Global Data Aggregation Categories – Master Controls, Major Events and Causal Groups
  • Attachments
  • Analytical Views
  • Control Assessment Schemes – Effectiveness with Operational Assessment Discount
  • Progress Notes and Attachments
  • Custom Fields – Custom Columns
  • Advanced Analysis Types – Semi-Quantitative
  • Control Scenario Modelling – For Critical Controls Only or For IPLs Only
  • Advanced Risk Reduction Calculation Methods – RRF, PFD, IPL Credits and Integrity Levels
  • Control Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Ownership – Roles
  • Types/Factors
  • Control Effectiveness calculation can include – Preventative & Mitigative Controls, Category (e.g. Hard/Soft, People/Engineering, etc.), Hierarchy of Controls, Control Strategy and Control Status
  • Types/Factor Integration
  • Reminders on Overdue Items
  • User Devices Supported – Desktop

Additional Features in Risk Optimiser Subscription

  • Assurance – Critical Control Verifications & Major Accident Event Audits linked back to bowties
  • Input Sources – Lessons Learned
  • Project Integration
  • Projects – Project Management – Project Types, Phases, Hazard Study Integration, Bowtie Integration, Phase Managers and Lessons Learned Management
  • Security – Single Sign On Authentication from almost any provider

At 5-pack Risk Optimiser level and above:

  • Multi-register – Hierarchical Multiple Registers
  • Dashboard Features – Multi-register roll-up
  • Off-line Editing of Bowties and Control Verifications
  • User Devices Supported – Off-line (Download, use off-line, then synchronised upload)

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