Health and Safety Risk Management

Meercat RiskView is a complete health & safety risk management solution

Meercat RiskView is a versatile health and safety risk management software package which includes tools for hazard identification, risk assessment, safety audits and action tracking.

Our software scales with your organisation: if you’re just starting out, use simple risk registers and risk assessments to track your health and safety hazards. Our hazard identification tools will help you along the way.

If your business is ready for a sophisticated end-to-end solution, we offer a comprehensive safety risk management software and safety audit software solution.

Conduct detailed job hazard analysis workshops, analyse risk using bowties, and schedule safety audits based on your selected risk controls.

Whether your business is in mining, oil and gas, construction, aviation, engineering, or any other area of high-risk work, we can help you.

Meercat RiskView provides an integrated health and safety risk management solution that combines:

Hazard identification is simple using the collaborative risk studies feature in Meercat RiskView.

Perform simple or detailed hazard analysis using our risk identification tools, and the data you input automatically feeds into your organisational risk register.

Need to share the register? Give your users permissions to view relevant risk studies, or use the reporting function to export your registers to your chosen format.

Meercat RiskView is cloud-based and secure, meaning that your risk registers are accessible from anywhere, any time.

Your company’s risk management knowledge remains securely backed-up in our Amazon-hosted, cloud-based solution.

Meercat RiskView provides a customisable bowtie analysis tool for risk assessments.

Many organisations only use simple risk registers, because more advanced tools such as bowtie analysis take too much time and effort to produce. Our software makes bowtie analysis possible with less time, cost and effort with our intuitive user interface. You can even generate bowties directly from your hazard studies, making more sophisticated risk assessments available to organisations at any level of maturity.

Our health and safety risk management software is a great platform for hosting your safe work method statements (SWMS) and job hazards analysis. Document your risk controls in a hazard study or bowtie which is accessible to all your workers.

Our bowties are a great visual way of presenting safe work methods, which can be understood by workers at all levels within the business.

Export summaries of your risk controls in PDF format to share with team members anywhere.

When it comes time to review your job hazard analysis, you can simply duplicate your existing risk assessment and make informed changes based on experience.

Meercat RiskView includes a safety audit software module with a mobile auditing tool. Audits can be scheduled and designed in different ways. If you use Australian standards or safety policies, set these up as performance standards within this system. This enables you to design audits to verify compliance with documented standards.

If there are major accident events or fatality incidents that are a high priority, you can set these up in your risk assessments and schedule safety audits that check the risk controls associated with preventing or mitigating those incidents.

We offer a safety audit software tool that works on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. We also offer an offline auditing feature for work environments where mobile signal is a problem. Audits can be assigned to team members via email, and tracked using the dashboard.

Our software offers a range of customisable dashboard options, including dashlets which report on specific areas of safety that matter to you. See your risk and your safety activities at a glance, and track the actions of your team members. Monitor your overall risk exposure with dashlets that summarise your job hazard analysis findings.

Our safety risk management software and safety audit software modules include reporting functionality that enables you to extract key information from the system. Export data or reports in a range of formats including PDF and Excel.

Meercat RiskView delivers the following benefits:

  • Drive Standardisation

    Setup Standardised Templates to minimise variation across all aspects of risk assessment and control verification

  • Eradicate Admin Involvement

    Integrated real-time data warehouse ensures that all Reporting, Notifications and Dashboards are maintained without costly user involvement and expense

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets

    With the flexibility of spreadsheets and the control, security and features of an ERP, risk and assurance data will always be available and up to date

  • Increase Decision Making Confidence

    Consistency of data with real-time availability drives confidence in decision making around control analysis and investment

Case Studies

Nickel WA used RiskView to standardise risk processes and improve the efficiency of risk monitoring.

Nickel WA required an end-to-end risk management solution which could be scaled across the business, including open-cut mines, underground mines, and mineral processing plants.

RiskView provided a standardised system for safety risk management. This provided risk managers with greater visibility of risks and ownership of critical risk controls.

Nickel WA used RiskView to integrate bowtie risk analysis, hazard studies and in-field auditing within one system.

“It was very exciting to see the risk vision in action and playing an important part in business success.” – Nickel WA executive

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