Process Safety

Meercat RiskView is a complete process safety management solution

Our software has demonstrated time and again, that it reduces the time, cost and effort involved in all risk analysis and assurance activities while also increasing the effectiveness of risk management.

Whether your business is in chemical manufacturing, explosives, hydrocarbons, metals, or any other area of process engineering, Meercat RiskView has demonstrated its effectiveness around the world.

Meercat RiskView provides an integrated process safety software solution that combines:

• Hazard identification (HAZID)
• Hazards and operability (HAZOP)
• Layers of protection analysis (LOPA)
• Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
• Fault Tree and Event Tree modelling
• Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)

• Bowtie Analysis (Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative)
• Control assurance and verification
• Action Tracking and Reporting
• Notifications and Dashboards
• Security and transparency for all process safety data in a cloud-based solution

Meercat RiskView delivers the following benefits:

  • Drive Standardisation

    Setup Standardised Templates to minimise variation across all aspects of risk assessment and control verification

  • Eradicate Admin Involvement

    Integrated real-time data warehouse ensures that all Reporting, Notifications and Dashboards are maintained without costly user involvement and expense

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets

    With the flexibility of spreadsheets and the control, security and features of an ERP, risk and assurance data will always be available and up to date

  • Increase Decision Making Confidence

    Consistency of data with real-time availability drives confidence in decision making around control analysis and investment

  • Reduce Software Licensing Costs

    Unifying all Process Safety support capability into one toolset reduces costs in licensing, user training and data migration while increasing data security, reliability and availability

Meercat RiskView supports the following features and functionality:

Hazard identification is simple using our collaborative hazard studies feature.

Meercat RiskView provides a flexible, intuitive, and cloud-based HAZID and HAZOP software solution.

Configure the study using our templates or create your own projector-friendly format for the workshop and then set permissions so that team members can view the results online.

Our process safety software guides you through the hazard identification process from start to finish.

You can even automatically create bowties directly from the risk study, saving time and effort in your process hazards analysis.

You can also call up data from previous HAZIDs and HAZOPs, saving you even more time.

Creating persuasive safety cases for the regulator is easier with our process hazards analysis tools.

Whether you’re applying for an MHF licence, petroleum operator registration, or another class of licence, our process safety software presents your risk data in an accurate and attractive format.

You can set up custom templates to make safety cases faster and easier to build.

Use the reporting functionality to extract diagrams and tables, and to format how your bowtie analysis diagrams look.

And if you have existing Safety Cases, they can be imported as the basis for the next review cycle.

Our clients tell us that Meercat RiskView is the best and most flexible bowtie analysis and LOPA software tool on the market.

It is intuitive, easy to use, and visually attractive, enabling users to get started with little to no training.

Its advanced functionality allows bowties to transition from qualitative to quantitative with the flick of a switch, saving significantly in data and process re-work between different tools.

Accessing bowtie data for deeper analysis is made easy through user-defined perspectives and Excel export.

Simple bowties can be made in minutes allowing you to build bowties in the workshop.

And for complete fault and event tree modelling, Meercat RiskView supports unlimited-levels of Escalation Factors, Intermediate Events, Enabling Events, with probability modifiers included.

And with our unique proportional pathway visualisation, critical control analysis becomes a cinch.

Once created, bowties can be simply extended for Control Cost Benefit Analysis, Probably Loss of Life (PLL) calculations, Unmitigated Consequence calculations and many more.

Meercat RIskView makes process hazard analysis simpler than ever, with the ability to create sophisticated bowties directly from hazard studies.

Meercat RiskView’s process safety tools also include support for control assurance and auditing to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Our guided audit wizard runs on almost any modern browser and on any device, both on-line or off-line, meaning assurance activities can be carried out in the field where RF devices are prohibited or networks are not available.

Performance standards can contain any number of operational and/or technical requirements and any number of contexts, allowing audits to selectively target in-field, desk or 3rd party activities.

All audit findings and related corrective actions are automatically synchronised to update your bowtie risk ratings, risk registers, reports and dashboards.

Meercat RiskView’s uniquely powerful tools let you take control of the entire process safety life-cycle driving long-term improvement and efficiency.

Case Studies

WESCEF uses RiskView to achieve a standardised approach to process hazards analysis, HAZOPs and safety cases.

WESCEF required a more flexible and proficient system for creating HAZOPs, safety cases and detailed layers of protection analysis (LOPA) diagrams.

RiskView provided a faster and easier alternative for building key process safety outputs. Using an online platform for collaboration also enabled WESCEF to take a standard approach to process safety across all areas of process plant.

“It was important for WESCEF to have a system that would provide better collation of our risk studies, while simplifying the process of risk reviews. The RiskView system was easy to develop into a working system.” – WESCEF Process Safety Superintendent

Meercat was asked to present to the MHF Regulator on how RiskView is used by clients to drive increased compliance performance.

We provided an overview on how RiskView is used by MHF operators (such as Incitec Pivot, Wesfarmers and Nufarm) to document their HAZOPs, layers of protection analysis, and safety cases. This provided greater clarity on what the regulatory assessors could expect from the system.

We also provided an overview of how RiskView will support upcoming changes to the regulation of MHFs and mine operators.

Sectors in Process Safety
Chemical manufacturing
Explosives & fertiliser manufacturing
Energy (electricity & gas)
Polymers & plastics
Hydrocarbons & fuels refining
Mining & metals refining
Oil & gas
Major Hazard Facilities (MHFs)

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