Enterprise Risk Management

Meercat RiskView is a complete enterprise risk management solution

RiskView is a unique and versatile enterprise risk management software package that includes all the tools any modern industrial enterprise needs to manage risk and compliance obligations.

Meercat RiskView provides a detail-oriented solution to operational risk and business risk management, ensuring that every department gets the specialist tools needed to get their job done.

Built tough, Meercat RiskView scales to support any number of users in our Amazon-hosted cloud-based platform. With ample flexibility to ensure that your business risk management practice remains rigorous no matter how your business grows.

Our enterprise risk management software is also an end-to-end solution which encompasses all aspects of risk management from identification to assessment, analysis, assurance and review.

Whatever your line of work, we are your expert partner for robust enterprise risk management software.

Meercat RiskView provides an enterprise risk management solution that combines:

RiskView’s customisable hazard studies feature is designed to make risk identification as painless as possible.

Hazard study worksheets are perfect for putting up on a projector screen during a risk workshop, and promotes engagement from your stakeholders.

Use the simple risk study feature to list every risk scenario, imported from spreadsheets or other sources.

Use detailed risk studies to identify causes, consequences, and potential risk controls for each scenario in detail.

Meercat RiskView is ideal for developing comprehensive risk registers, or reviewing operational risk across the business.

RiskView provides one of the most sophisticated risk analysis tools on the market. Bowtie analysis and LOPA (layers of protection analysis) are recognised as the most rigorous methods of risk assessment. Our enterprise risk management software puts these methods at your fingertips, by providing an intuitive interface for populating bowties. You can also automatically generate bowties from your risk studies.

If your organisation has detailed data regarding risk, use our semi-quantitative risk analysis functionality to precisely document your risks. What’s more, your findings can easily be exported and passed on to insurance providers, internal auditors or other interested parties. Make confident decisions in business risk management based on sound risk analysis.

Monitor and measure your risk performance with ease using our enterprise risk management software. Audits can be designed within the system based on documented standards, major failure events, or groups of critical risk controls. Configure your audits to measure performance in a way that is meaningful to your organisation. Schedule audits within the system, assign work to audit teams, and track their progress over time. Take advantage of our customisable dashboards to display risk performance monitoring metrics at a glance.
Our software enables you to perform detailed analysis of the causes, enabling events, escalation factors and consequences for your critical risks. This can be used to analyse risk pathways and potential failure modes. Use our bowtie risk analysis tool to examine the probability of failure pathways eventuating, and implement appropriate preventative and mitigative controls. Know ahead of time how likely your critical business processes are to fail, and take appropriate steps to prevent and recover from failure.

This kind of analysis is perfect for project risk and business risk management. Take advantage of new business opportunities with confidence that you understand the risks involved.

Meercat RiskView delivers the following benefits:

  • Drive Standardisation

    Setup Standardised Templates to minimise variation across all aspects of risk assessment and control verification

  • Eradicate Admin Involvement

    Integrated real-time data warehouse ensures that all Reporting, Notifications and Dashboards are maintained without costly user involvement and expense

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets

    With the flexibility of spreadsheets and the control, security and features of an ERP, risk and assurance data will always be available and up to date

  • Increase Decision Making Confidence

    Consistency of data with real-time availability drives confidence in decision making around control analysis and investment

  • Reduce Software Licensing Costs

    Unifying all risk management capabilities into one toolset reduces costs in licensing, user training and data migration while increasing data security, reliability and availability

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