Risk Identification

Make risk identification more efficient with Meercat RiskView

Meercat RiskView provides a range of risk identification tools to support your risk management process. Hazard studies can can be configured to suit almost any current standard requirement.

Using our secure cloud-based platform enables your stakeholders to collaborate online to document and analyse risks. Risks are recorded in a visually accessible risk register format, making it easier to work with the data.

Hazard studies such as safety cases can be put together in minutes. Setting up a new site? Populate the site risk register and job hazards analysis (JHA) with minimal time investment. RiskView is designed as a risk management software package to reduce the amount of time, effort and money it takes to carry out hazard identification. We can work with you to develop custom risk identification tools that work seamlessly with your operations.

Our software is versatile and can grow with you: start with simple risk identification tools, and move on to collaborative hazard identification workshops as your team grows in size and maturity.

Our default risk identification tools include:

  • Simple hazard identification studies: perfect for risk assessments, site risk registers and HAZIDs.
  • Detailed risk studies: ideal for advanced tasks such as risk workshops, HAZOPs, project risk registers and safety cases.

You can use our risk identification tools in any area of work. Build risk registers for health and safety risks, enterprise risk management, operational risks, and any other areas of concern. Our customisable dashboards will help you keep track of your risk exposure.

With RiskView’s risk identification tools, make the most of your time. Spend less time formatting tables and more time investigating potential hazards. Never again lose corporate knowledge on risk captured in past risk assessments.


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  • Risk-identification-tools-site-risk-register
  • Risk-identification-tools-HAZOP


  • Risk Registers

    Store your risk documentation in a secure, cloud-based platform.

  • Hazard Identification

    Identify and document hazards with simple hazard identification tools.

  • Hazard Studies

    Conduct detailed hazards and operability studies to understand your risk exposure.

  • Multiple Registers

    Set up multiple hierarchical registers to track risks across different sites, projects or departments.

  • Automatic Analysis

    Generate sophisticated risk analysis models automatically from your risk registers.

  • Online Collaboration

    Work with your team online and assign tasks to team members.

  • Import / Export Data

    Migrate existing data, and export custom reports in your chosen format.

  • Custom Setup

    Customise your registers, risk matrix, layout and dashboards to suit your needs.

Need smarter risk identification tools? Contact us today to find out how RiskView hazard identification software works for you.

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