Risk Assurance

Manage your risks and audits more efficiently with RiskView risk assurance software

RiskView provides an end-to-end solution for risk assurance, which includes capabilities for risk monitoring, audits and reporting.

If your business is using simple risk registers, you can create audits based on industry standards or regulatory requirements. Our performance standards module allows you to input your compliance standards directly into the system. You can then assign resources to risk assurance to determine whether your operations are fully compliant with the required risk standards.

Our audit module is unique in that it allows you to audit the effectiveness of your risk controls in practice. This links risk assurance directly to your risk analysis. Creating audit activities linked to critical controls in your business helps to build a risk intelligence picture. The findings of your audits can be used for decision-making on how to revise and improve your risk controls.

If your business needs a sophisticated enterprise-wide solution, our risk assurance software tools can be customised to suit your needs. We can assist in setting up groups of critical controls to assist you in risk monitoring.

Risk monitoring is easy to manage using our verification tool. The tool provides a guided audit process that allows your team to capture relevant information on risk in the field. The tool is available for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. It can also be used offline to complete audits in work environments where mobile signal is a problem. Assign audits to your team members via email, and monitor their work on your own dashboard.

RiskView also comes with action tracking so that you always have an audit trail of your team’s work. User permissions can be configured to ensure that every team member has the level of access and guidance that they need to do their job. Managers and team leaders can assign work to team members via email, and monitor their work on their own dashboard. All our dashboards are customisable to display the type of risk monitoring data that is important to you.

When it comes time to review your risk assessments or control measures, you’ll have access to the risk intelligence gathered by your audits over time. Our risk assurance software package ensures that corporate knowledge is securely stored for future use.

Get more value from your risk assurance and audit activities with RiskView.


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Risk Assurance

  • Audits

    Schedule audits to verify the effectiveness of your active critical controls.

  • Mobile / Tablet Wizard

    Carry out audits in the field, even when mobile signal is unavailable.

  • Action Tracking

    Track progress on assigned work, and review findings in real time.

  • Performance Standards

    Build audits around company policies and technical standards.

  • Risk Monitoring

    Monitor risk exposure and performance of risk controls through verification reporting.

  • Dashboards

    Customise your dashboards to give you risk intelligence at a glance.


National Compliance Manager
Supagas Pty Ltd

"We integrated Meercat Risk view into our Business in 2011 and since then have been active users to maintain our risk registers and control measures associated with critical controls. During this time we have been able to demonstrate to multiple authorities and regulators our process safety logic in a clear concise methodology utilising the suite of reporting functions and graphical box ties. We have found that this software provides a platform where this information can be readily understood by a broad audience from HSR to the Board. We have also had occurrence where support was required and the Meercat team were highly effective in resolving our issue, it is extremely comforting to know that your safety system sits within a robust and professional organisation such as Meercat."

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