Risk Analysis

Assess and analyse risk more efficiently with RiskView risk analysis software

Meercat RiskView provides a unique capability to perform risk assessments using bowtie analysis. We supply the most efficient and comprehensive bowtie risk analysis software on the market.

Automatically generate bowties from your risk register using our bowtie analysis tool. Any item in your risk studies can be used to create a visual risk analysis model.

The advantage of bowtie analysis is that it allows risk managers to separate causes of risk events and evaluate different options for risk controls. Our bowtie analysis software provides a solution to escape from simplistic risk register spreadsheets.

Our software grows and scales in complexity with your business. If you are building a risk management system for the first time, you can create simple risk registers with bowties for each scenario. Get started with our easy-to-use risk assessment tools.

If you are dealing with major hazards, our software supports LOPA (layers of protection analysis) bowtie analysis. Make use of the sophisticated semi-quantitative risk analysis features of the program to analyse your risk controls in detail. Make informed decisions using our cost-benefit analysis tool. Identify your most serious major fatality events, and perform detailed risk analysis to ensure that you have an effective mix of preventative and mitigative risk controls. RiskView is used by international chemical and explosives manufacturers as an enterprise-wide risk analysis software package.

Our bowtie analysis and risk assessment tools are easy-to-use, intuitive, and look fantastic. We even offer a starter pack of RiskView that just comes with the bowtie analysis tools. We can also work with you to customise the risk analysis module to suit your needs, whether you need simplicity or sophistication.


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  • Risk Assessments

    Document your risk assessments in an accessible, online platform.

  • Layers of Protection

    Use advanced features to analyse causes, consequences and controls in detail.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Calculate costs and benefits of risk treatment options automatically.

  • Bowtie Visualisation

    Create bowtie diagrams fast with our intuitive and flexible bowtie analysis.

  • Semi-Quantitative

    Determine risk exposure with precision using SQRA that includes PLL and control Cost Benefit analysis.

  • Import / Export Diagrams

    Present your findings to stakeholders in any size or format and always in the perfect resolution.

Ready for risk analysis software that saves time and reduces risk exposure? Contact us today to find out how RiskView works for you.

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