Bowtie Risk Assessment

Bowtie risk assessments can be easy if you work with the right tools.

Meercat RiskView’s bowtie risk assessment module makes it easy and cost-effective to create high-quality bowtie analysis diagrams.

Simply select your hazard, enter causes and consequences, and fit in your risk controls. Build simple bowties in just 1 minute. Meercat RiskView is also the most customisable bowtie risk assessment tool on the market. Adjust the risk matrix, terminology and other factors that are relevant to your work. Get more value from your bowtie analysis with Meercat RiskView.

Build bowties in less than 1 minute

The bowtie risk assessments you produce in Meercat RiskView can also be used for in-field verification and detailed risk reviews. We also support automatic creation of bowties from hazard studies (such as HAZOPs), which saves you time building your safety case.

You can start out in RiskView with just bowtie risk assessments, and move on to in-field verification and advanced analysis as your team matures. There’s no product purchase cost for any of our packages, just pay the licence for the level of functionality that you need.

Bowties guide for beginners

Access our quick start guide for the bowtie method, including how to use RiskView to build fantastic bow ties quickly.

Get the guide

If you’re looking for more sophisticated functionality, our bowtie risk assessment module also supports layers of protection analysis (LOPA) using semi-quantitative risk analysis (SQRA). RiskView is easy to customise to ensure that your LOPA bowties add value to your safety cases and risk assessments.

Our bowties come with a reporting feature that lets you export your work and all the research that went into it. This ensures that government regulators can easily verify your compliance with legislated safety standards.


Brigitta Wassenaar

Safety & Wellbeing Programme Manager

New Zealand Post

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"We have been using Meercat for most of 2018, and have found it very useful in terms of organising our bowtie development process. The tool provides a succinct method for collating the critical risk cause, control and consequence data as it is collected in each bowtie development session. The Meercat tool is also useful for explaining bowtie methodology to workshop participants as it allows for interactive discussion and editing as needed. We are very pleased with the Meercat tool and look forward to further utilising its capability as we progress on our bowtie journey."

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