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RiskView Features

All businesses face risk. With Meercat RiskView’s integrated risk management features, face risk with confidence.

RiskView is Meercat’s flagship risk management software package, designed for businesses in challenging risk environments. RiskView gives risk managers the ability to identify, analyse, visualise and control risk all in one platform.

Why choose Meercat RiskView?

Meercat RiskView is an integrated cloud-based platform for all risk management activities. It provides all the functionality required by both risk managers and practitioners at any skill level as well as all other staff involved in control assurance, action tracking and data analysis.

The features and capability of Meercat RiskView grows with your business, ensuring that you always have access to the level of capability to suit every situation.

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Entry-level users can use RiskView to build simple risk registers or to lead risk workshops. Performing risk analysis is quick and painless using the guided process within RiskView.

The RiskView starter pack also includes bowtie analysis feature which is scalable and easy to use.

Advanced users will be able to use our detailed bowtie analysis tools, making the most of the semi-quantitative risk analysis capabilities and critical controls setup.

RiskView provides a complete audit software solution which allows senior risk managers to initiate audits and control assurance activities directly from the risk register. If a particular type of risk control is used in many places, you can schedule inspections to verify whether those controls are effective.

Ensure risk monitoring over time using the performance standards setup feature. Assign audits to frontline personnel, who can use our new guided audit wizard to easily complete the activity.

Whatever features you need to manage your risk, RiskView has you covered.

Face risk with confidence. Contact us today and find out how RiskView works for you.

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