Risk Register Types

7.11 Release New Functionality

Register type is a new functionality implemented in the 7.11 release. Register Types are designed to categorise risk registers and to be able to link master bowties to a register type rather than in individual register. Register types will allow rapid deployment of master bowties to new registers that reflect the same situation as another.

Register Types are essentially categories that allowing users to further segment their risk registers. Register Types are defined by the system administrator(s). Register Types can be accessed under:

Browse > Administration > Register Types

Creating a Register Type

Navigate to: Browse > Administration > Register Types

Select the new entry icon “+”

Complete the required details, select apply.

The description field is optional but provides the opportunity for the context of the register type to be explained.

If the status is set to Inactive then the register will not be accessible to be linked to master bowties or to risk registers.

Linking a Master Bowtie to a Register Type

To link a Master Bowtie(s) to a Register type:

Navigate to master bowties: Browse > Risk Studies > Master Risk Scenarios.

Select the master bowtie and from the toolbar select Risk Scenario > Register Types.

Follow instructions in the wizard as seen below:

Site bowties will be created, archived, deleted based on which register types are selected and their current contents.


When unlinking a master bowtie from a register type, existing site bowties will be archived IF they have a review history. If the existing site bowtie has no review history then it will simply be deleted.

Master bowties and register types are a many to many relation, multiple master bowties can be linked to any given register type. Multiple register types can include the same master bowtie.

Binding a Register Type to a Risk Register

Once the user has created a Register Type, an existing Risk Register can be linked.

Navigate to: Browse > Risk Register Manager

Select the desired register, select edit.

At the top of the the interface select “Register Types”.

Follow the instructions in the wizard, the user can select only one Register Type per register as seen below.

Note: Only Register Types with existing linked master bowties are available to be linked to a risk register.