Verification Collections

Tasman Mayers

Verification collections provide an intuitive, useful way of grouping ad-hoc verification activities generated from the same template at the same time.

Verification collections assist in providing a structured overview of verification activities and better allow RiskView users and administrators to maintain an overview of large scale projects and operations through grouping associated verification activities.

Use of the verification collections in RiskView is outlined in the steps below.

1. Launch RiskView Mobile

Launch the update RiskView app and login to your instance with your credentials.

2. Switch to Verification Collections View

Select either of the view switch buttons in the top left-hand corner to switch to the Verification Collections view.

Note: in future the will be replaced with a single button to toggle the view.

The collections view will be shown as follows:

3. Select a Collection to Expand its Contents

Tap one one of the verification collections to expand/collapse the list of its component verification activities.

4. To Download the Verifications in a Collection, Select the Download Button

Select the download icon: 

The user will be prompted with a popup window outlining what will be downloaded.

5. Select Any Verification Activity from a Collection to Open it

Tapping any verification activity in a collection will open that verification activity.

6. From Within Any Verification Activity, the Collections Button Can be Used to Display Other Verification Activities in the Current Collection

A list of verification activities in the current group will be displayed.

The currently open verification activity will be highlighted in orange and the progress in terms of steps will be displayed on each verification activity.

Other verification activities in the collection will be displayed as seen below.

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