Hierarchical Viewing in RiskView

Tasman Mayers

Hierarchical viewing is a new viewing option for the contents of a verification activity added in RiskView 7.12.1.

Hierarchical view displays a comprehensive overview of the source of each of the performance criteria which comprise a verification activity. Compared to the conventional overview which displays the questions in numerical order. The hierarchical overview is instead structured by performance standards at the top level followed by performance elements and then the performance criteria which reflect the individual questions.

Below is a comparison of both views from the user perspective:

List View Hierarchical View

As previously mentioned the order of the hierarchy is standard and is structured by Performance Standards > Performance Elements > Performance Criteria

The following diagram outlines the breakdown in hierarchical view.

Hierarchical view switching is helpful as it allows users to identify which parts of a verification activity relate to a given performance standard or performance criteria. The process for view switching is described in the steps below.

1. Launch the Updated RiskView App

Launch the updated app and login to your environment with your credentials.

2. Browse to and Open a Verification Activity

Open a verification activity to complete/view.

3. Select the Overview Button in the Top Right-Hand Corner

Select the button to open the overview/summary menu of the verification activity.


4. Select the Left-Hand View Option for the List View

The hierarchical view will be displayed.


5. Select an Item in the List to Expand Hierarchy of Performance Standard

The hierarchy of the performance standard will be displayed, each sub-component can be expanded/collapsed to achieve the user’s desired view.


6. Select a Performance Criterion to Open the Linked Question in the Verification Activity

The question representing that performance criterion will be opened.





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