Global Searching

Alex Apostolou

Finding items in your risk data can be tricky. Apart from the volume of data, how it is structured impacts on its accessibility. And until now, both of those elements conspired to ensure that you had to work harder to find things than you might have. Until now, of course, with Global Searching a standard part of all Subscription Levels.


  • every piece of risk data being available instantly
  • being able to access all data direct from the search results
  • clear visibility of what the item is and its context
  • limiting search scope to within the current register or within all child registers


RiskView now comes with a Google-like finder to enable searching and finding anything.

Accessible from the main tool-bar, the Find function brings all your data within easy reach.

All content is indexed in near real-time ensuring that your information will be there as soon as you need it.

Clicking on any result will bring up the Properties panel and then enable you to perform whatever steps you require.

You can define the scope of your search by:

  1. Register – you can choose whether to restrict the search to the current register or all registers, default being this register
  2. Item Type – you can choose whether to restrict the search to single item type (e.g. action, risk, risk control, etc.) or all item types, default being all item types

Additionally, you can opt to group the search results by Register or Item Type.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and welcome your feedback.

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