Regulatory Compliance

Companies dealing in high-risk operations are subject to exacting regulatory requirements. Managing the volume and diversity of regulations and gathering the data required to achieve and maintain compliance is challenging, especially when operating across multiple jurisdictions.

Compliance systems enable consolidation of information from across business units and geographies, and to compare trends, enabling best-practice identification and sharing.

How streamlined is your controls framework?

To Succeed:

Common systems mean that improving operational efficiency while reducing risk doesn't have to be incompatible with the more mundane aspects of managing change across the regulatory landscape.

Incremental improvements in accountability, ownership, transparency and devolving of responsibilities can deliver significant efficiencies in compliance preparation and review.

Access to real-time operational data can make preparing compliance reports faster and the outputs more beneficial.

What Good Looks Like:

Managing all risk and compliance obligations in one framework provides a unified view of exposure and control health so that compliance reporting is simply the output from the operational process.

Monitoring integrated KPIs should provide clear visibility of ongoing compliance and overall risk position, with drill-downs for more detailed information as required

Standards should be simple to define and modify in line with changing requirements and made available for the next cycle of compliance checks

Results of compliance monitoring should be live as they happen to allow line management intervention and correction.

Integrated action tracking ensures non-compliances are addressed in time, with follow up reviews, where required, and the loop always closed.

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Ease of Use

With Meercat Riskview training is made simple and the software is intuitive – it’s easy to use for anyone. You can automate tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. Best of all you can save time and money with our user-friendly software.

Drive Standardisation

Eliminate human errors by customising your own templates in our software that will integrate seamlessly with your current systems. This minimises variation across all aspects of your risk assessment and control verification processes.

Accelerate Risk Management Maturity

Maximize your business success with risk-informed strategic decision making.

Single View of Risks and Controls

Eliminate spreadsheets and versioning headaches with our software. We help you control and watch any potential risks at a glance. Dissolve risk silos by bringing together risks from across your business in a single easy to understand view.

Line of Sight

Configure your own dashboards to monitor your risk and assurance position live. Drill down to the required level of detail. Export reports to manage your regulatory audit or business assurance needs.


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