Implementing Meercat RiskView into an Integrated Mining Operation


Using the RiskView solution, Meercat and ABC Mining were able to collaborate on a new strategy to guarantee the integrity of risk management. After implementing this step change, the Auditor’s Report stated the most notable achievements as follows:

  • The improvement in Risk governance and the control environment was significant over an 18 month period.
  • Standardisation of Risk Management, risk documents, risk governance and assurance processes.
  • Improvement in Critical control effectiveness.
  • Performance standards capability to link with the ERP (through a URL) as part of the wider ERP roll-out project, hence ensuring no duplication and/or data integrity issues with the transition into the ERP.
  • Appointment of Critical control owners, and assignment of accountabilities within RiskView under the My Controls and My Risks sections.

ABC Mining is a fully integrated mine to market business comprising mines, and processing plants:

  1. Site A – an open-cut mine and other facilities.
  2. Site B – an underground mine and other facilities
  3. Site C – a processing plant.
  4. Site D – a second processing plant.

ABC Mining was so impressed with the achievements they prepared a detailed case study for circulation within their broader corporate community. That case study is presented here, with minimal changes to protect our client’s identity

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