First Modern Risk

Orders of Magnitude Improvement

Do any change initiatives that would deliver an order of magnitude improvement spring to mind?

Striving to make a real difference, to find that major breakthrough, is a passion shared by many people–both within and without Meercat–and also a potential source of deep frustration.

An historical perspective is a reliable provider of insights into how major improvements come about, the foundations that were laid, the personalities and the agendas influencing outcomes, and the before and after effects, on everyone involved, laid bare.

Hence when reading through the NIOSH Science Blog over breakfast, my interest was piqued by The First Modern Risk: Workplace Accidents and the Origins of European Social States (Cambridge University Press, 2018) by Julia Moses, a Reader in Modern History at the University of Sheffield.

While the book is on back order, I’ll only offer the observation that being reminded to take the long view on driving change may reduce stress, help in identifying potential shortcuts, or encouraging gratitude to those that laid the foundations we cycle over today.

Workplace Accidents, Occupational Illness and the Long Road to Workers’ Compensation and Safety Policies around the World

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