Meercat exhibits at Hazards 2018

Meercat exhibited and presented at the Hazards Australasia 2018 conference in Perth last week, showcasing a number major innovations in its flagship RiskView software system.  Run by The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), one of the world’s foremost industry associations for chemical, biochemical and process engineers, Hazards Australia is one of the region’s most recognised process safety conferences.

The key theme at the conference was ‘Building Resilience’.  With commodity pricing is still under great pressure in the global markets, businesses continue to face pressure when maintaining operations. Industry observers are still seeing companies reduce employee numbers and strive to increase production at the same time. This has resulted in a need for those remaining and the businesses to be more resilient.

In line with this theme, Meercat carried out live demonstrations of its updated risk register, master bowtie, multi-site and verification capabilities.  Already in use by some of the biggest names in the high-hazards industry, the capabilities give companies tools to easily and consistently deploy their framework to new sites through standardised templates, saving time and costs and promoting resilience through a consistent and controlled methodology.  Enhanced reporting was also demonstrated to allow enterprises to receive real time visibility and aggregated data on multi-site risks, with easily configured reporting modes to communicate outwards to regulators and other stakeholders.

The event was hailed a major success with a number of innovations in audience engagement, including virtual reality hazard scenarios, live multimedia case studies and professionally acted recreations of major process safety events.  Overall the conference was well-attended by a diverse range of companies dealing with process safety, including numerous Meercat cliental and several partners.   Presenting companies of particular note included Woodside Energy, NOPSEMA, R4Risk, BP, Quadrant and HIMA.  Respective topics covered were HAZOP and LOPA applications, offshore safety, emergency management, experiences from refinery safety, leadership and cybersecurity.

For further details about the Hazards 2018 conference, please visit IChemE’s conference website.

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