Master Bowties

Can you roll-out a bowtie-driven critical control management system to hundreds of sites in a few months?

In most multi-site businesses, many of the sites operate like the others. Maybe there was a common starting risk register, but over time, they’ve all gone off and done their own thing. But now, you might be looking at that problem and thinking, how do we bring them back and keep them aligned, sharing knowledge, improving together, consistently, with as little overhead as possible, and allowing for the inevitable variations that have to be supported?

To reduce all the admin overhead, VelocityEHS’ Risk Management solution supports Master Bowties, providing you with the framework to set up standardised registers to which sites subscribe. When the master bowtie is updated, site owners receive a change notification requesting a review. With our new bowtie review wizard, what used to take the team 2 hours, now only takes 10-15 minutes and of course, the verification schedule is automatically updated.

Some of our customers have rolled out entire programmes based on the master bowtie method and are saving tonnes of effort and money in the process.

Master bowties can be implemented into existing registers, or to take it to another level of leverage, the entire register can be created and managed autonomously.

Leveraging your risk and assurance assets has never delivered this level of efficiency, consistency, and flexibility.