Managing Email Notifications in RiskView

The system has a variety of configuration options for managing Email notifications. Email notifications can be configured for different components, including verifications and master bowties. Usage of these different options allow you to configure notifications to a level that suits your business and needs.

Accessing Notifications in the Config Editor

  1. From the sidebar menu select My Profile > Configuration. This will open the configuration editor.
  2. Import the current configuration or load a configuration file from a backup.
  3. From the left-hand menu items, navigate to Register Policies > Notifications
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the notifications menu, 4 email notification options will be available – all enabled by default

The notification options will be listed as below, toggled on by default.

Disabling any of these options in the config will prevent users from receiving automated email notifications when activity related to them arises from a given module.

These changes are global in scope and affect all registers.

Action Module

The action module refers to all notifications related to raised actions for a particular user.

Lessons Learned Module

Lessons Learned module refers to any Lessons Learned items related to the user.

Master Bowtie Module

Master bowties module refers to master bowties / risk scenarios as well as their associated site bowties.

Verification Module

Verification module refers to verification activities assigned/administered by users.

Managing email notifications allows you to customise the systen to suit your organisation, notifications can be managed to notify you and your employees about aspects which are relevant to your business.