Major Hazard Facility

With the processes underpinning a license to operate including leadership, accountability, compliance and ongoing asset monitoring, integrated management and reporting framework for is critical.

As assets age, potential blind spots can arise where operators and maintainers are relying on work programmes that may not adequately address ageing issues.

Proactive asset management prevents defects before they occur. Real-time integration with management and reporting framework ensures that safety case documentation is an output of the system, not an end in itself and allows for synchronisation of activities across assets, processes, and people to align efforts, minimise rework and embed more efficient processes.

Why not consider a living Safety Case?

To Succeed:

Identifying best-practice can be impossible when ageing assets skew monitoring results and minimise opportunities to learn and optimise.

The large amounts of information generated throughout the process safety life-cycle can quickly become unmanageable and unusable.

Efficiently compiling a myriad of hazard studies with assurance, asset monitoring and work order management system data into a coherent safety case remains daunting.

What Good Looks Like:

Managing all risk and compliance obligations in one framework provides a real-time and unified view of exposure and control effectiveness so that safety case reporting is simply the output from the operational process.

Monitoring integrated KPIs should provide clear visibility of ongoing integrity and overall risk position, with drill-downs for more detailed information as required.

Standards should be simple to define and modify in line with changing requirements and made available for the next cycle of verifications.

Integrated action tracking ensures non-compliances are addressed in time, with follow up reviews, where required, and the loop always closed.

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Ease of Use

With Meercat Riskview training is made simple and the software is intuitive – it’s easy to use for anyone. You can automate tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. Best of all you can save time and money with our user-friendly software.

Drive Standardisation

Eliminate human errors by customising your own templates in our software that will integrate seamlessly with your current systems. This minimises variation across all aspects of your risk assessment and control verification processes.

Across Devices, On and Offline

Use our cloud-based software whether in the office or in the field. Even in areas with poor signal you can use our critical control verification and auditing features offline and synch all of the data once you are online. You can also use certain features on any device, giving you access to your information and data anywhere at anytime.

Accelerate Risk Management Maturity

Maximize your business success with risk-informed strategic decision making.

Single View of Risks and Controls

Eliminate spreadsheets and versioning headaches with our software. We help you control and watch any potential risks at a glance. Dissolve risk silos by bringing together risks from across your business in a single easy to understand view.


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