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Latest Release | December

Over the weekend we will roll out a new release containing a whole raft of improvements and features, as well as a range of improvements and optimisations to make Meercat RiskView  leaner, faster, more scalable and more flexible, including:

New Features

Multiple Authentication Methods

Support for multiple authentication methods has been added, utilising the RiskView internal directory and/or external business directories, with support for both company and external email address authentication.

Bookmarking and Sharing

RiskView pages can now be bookmarked and shared using standard web browser functionality.

Recent Items

A Recent items list has been added to the main menu, providing quick access to Recently accessed pages of the RiskView system.

– Review histories for global entities (such as Base Controls and Performances Standards) have been made global instead of register specific.

– The verification template has now been updated to support the option for ad-hoc base control verification.

– Unused (empty) fields in the Performance Standards Details Report will now be hidden.


View the full release notes here

  • Les Vogiatzakis

    R8 shows a great number of tweaks and functionality pace, with the old version’s look so the improvements can sink in without the usual time losses chasing your favourite actions that often get hidden.

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