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Release 9.0.0

Over the weekend we will roll out a new release (R9.0.0) containing a whole raft of improvements and features, as well as a range of improvements and optimisations to make our product leaner, faster, more scalable and more flexible, including:

New Feature

Added support for simple verification through risk study.This new functionality allows the risk study coordinator to define the risk registers with additional assurance context. With the additional assurance information, verification activities will be created and bundled to appropriate users for them to complete.

The workflow diagram for the new functionality can be seen here.

Mobile App

– Added support for users to close out currently assigned actions

– Fixed issue where certain fields are not shown in the verification activity wizard

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed or resolved:

– Unable to filter date field from grid

– Users being able to input texts more than the allowable limit

– Added support for displaying master bowtie data within Base Controls By Register MAE and Risk report


Release 8.2.0

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed or resolved:

– Missing fields within verification activity wizard

– User being able to move parent register under child register

– Master bowtie review wizard only showing top 1000 records for team leader field

– Newly created user being placed in incorrect register


View the full release notes here

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