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Upcoming Release 8.1.0

Over the weekend we will roll out a new release (R8.1.0) containing a whole raft of improvements and features, as well as a range of improvements and optimisations to make our product leaner, faster, more scalable and more flexible, including:


Mobile App
  • Added new functionality for users to view currently assigned actions
    • Users will not be able to edit actions from there at this stage and it will be made available as part of the next update for the mobile app
  • Updated the interface for list of verification activities for better user experience
  • Fixed issue with user needing to re-log in the mobile app everyday
  • Fixed issue with texts not showing on iOS when system is set to dark mode
  • Fixed issue with texts not showing correctly in the introduction page

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been fixed or resolved:

  • Bowtie history not showing up for some of the bowties
  • Questions in verification activities not appearing in the correct order
  • Inherent risk rating not getting calculated correctly
  • Actions report not showing data if all child registers report scope is selected
  • Verification results crosstab dashlet timing out and colour mismatch


View the full release notes here

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