Importing Existing Data into Meercat RiskView

In some cases, you may have some existing data that you wish to import into Meercat RiskView, so that everything exists in a single repository (e.g. an existing HAZOP worksheet).

To understand how the import process works:

  1. User can import data from an Excel spreadsheet
  2. The importer will match the spreadsheet column headers with Meercat RiskView column headers (note that the spreadsheet column headers have to be at the third row)
  3. For any text field (i.e. Cause, Consequence from Hazard Studies), the importer will populate those fields within Meercat RiskView
  4. For any drop down menu or calculated field, the importer will match spreadsheet data with options available within Meercat RiskView (e.g. mapping the Consequence Severity option, and this operation is case sensitive)


The image below shows the contents of the Excel spreadsheet file to be imported (note that the column headers are at the third row, and this is a mandatory requirement)

Excel spreadsheet to be imported

To begin importing your data:

    • Navigate to the Risk Study Worksheet that you want to perform import.
    • From the toolbar, choose Import from Excel.

    • Select the file that you want to import and click Import.

    • Depending on the size of the file and complexity of the data, it will take more or less time.

    • But if the data structure and content are correct, then you should be getting this message. If not, the dialog will tell you what the problem was so you can fix it.

The image shown below illustrates the outcome of the import process:

Imported outcome