Hierarchical Risk Registers

Is your risk register structure providing a consistent model for distributing all your risk and control data?

If you are managing risk up, down and across a structured company, you’ll find our hierarchical risk registers to be a huge reporting and productivity bonus.

Distributing risk and control ownership to a site or departmental registers means that your company-wide policies get deployed according to a defined schedule, criteria and scope parameters.

Security too aligns with the register structure means that users can see or edit as little or as much as required, enabling view-only sharing of all data, or hiding complete branches of the hierarchy in cases where secrecy is required.

Data displayed in reports or dashlets is filtered and aggregated by register allowing for greater transparency and accountability across the company.

Many of our customers use registers as templates for projects already pre-populated with the required studies, bowties, critical controls, etc. to standardise on-boarding of new sites or ramping up a new project.

Leveraging standard processes across a distributed and diversified company has never been easier.