Hazard Studies

Is the knowledge generated during hazard studies being consistently leveraged?

Hazard Studies are the foundation of almost every bottom-up or top-down hazard identification and assessment process, so VelocityEHS’ Risk Management solution provides a flexible, configurable framework that can be configured to support almost any type of study, including your own.

If you need to conform to specific standards, our Risk Management solution supports workflows for HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA, JSAs and many others.

If you have developed an in-house process, then chances are our flexible and user-configurable worksheets with built in calculations can handle your study needs.

And as every study goes into the same framework, your data is available in the same consistent structure which is ideal for re-use and analysis.

And if there is a requirement to select specific hazards for a deeper analysis, then our hazard to bowtie converter can help optimise that process.

Hazard study data is available via a variety of reports or can be exported to Excel for further end-user analysis.

Our customers consistently report that using VelocityEHS’ Risk Management solution for hazard studies has reduced the amount of time, effort and money it takes them to perform and maintain study data and manage corrective actions.

Leveraging study data has never been quicker or more productive.