Hazard Studies

Is the knowledge generated during hazard studies being consistently leveraged?

Hazard Studies are the foundation of almost every bottom-up or top-down hazard identification and assessment process, so VelocityEHS’ Meercat RiskView provides a flexible, configurable framework that can be configured to support almost any type of study, including your own.

If you need to conform to specific standards, Meercat RiskView supports workflows for HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA, JSAs and many others.

If you have developed an in-house process, then chances are our flexible and user-configurable worksheets with built in calculations can handle your study needs.

And as every study goes into the same framework, your data is available in the same consistent structure which is ideal for re-use and analysis.

And if there is a requirement to select specific hazards for a deeper analysis, then our hazard to bowtie converter can help optimise that process.

Hazard study data is available via a variety of reports or can be exported to Excel for further end-user analysis.

Our customers consistently report that using VelocityEHS’ Meercat RiskView for the hazard studies has reduced the amount of time, effort and money it takes them to perform and maintain study data and manage corrective actions.

Leveraging study data has never been quicker or more productive.



Meercat RiskView Benefit Ease of Use

Ease of Use

With Meercat Riskview training is made simple and the software is intuitive – it’s easy to use for anyone. You can automate tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. Best of all you can save time and money with our user-friendly software.

Meercat RiskView Software Benefit Drive Standardisation

Drive Standardisation

Eliminate human errors by customising your own templates in our software that will integrate seamlessly with your current systems. This minimises variation across all aspects of your risk assessment and control verification processes.

Meercat RiskView Software Benefit Single View of Risks and Controls

Single View of Risks and Controls

Eliminate spreadsheets and versioning headaches with our software. We help you control and watch any potential risks at a glance. Dissolve risk silos by bringing together risks from across your business in a single easy to understand view.

Meercat RiskView Software Benefit Ease of Collaboration

Ease of Collaboration

Deliver organisation-wide visibility and transparency by assigning permissions on risk registers to your team members and giving them access to relevant workflows. Share the relevant information with a click of a button and help make decisions easier with our workshop functions.

Meercat RiskView Software Benefit Line of Sight

Line of Sight

Configure your own dashboards to monitor your risk and assurance position live. Drill down to the required level of detail. Export reports to manage your regulatory audit or business assurance needs.