Exporting Bowtie to PDF

One unique feature that Meercat RiskView provides is the flexibility of exporting bowtie data in multiple formats:

– Saving bowtie image as PDF, or

– Generating detailed reports that will include all data populated in the bowtie model

Saving Bowtie Image as PDF

Once you are satisfied with your bowtie model, you can export the bowtie image to PDF by clicking on the bowtie button from the toolbar, as indicated by the screenshot below

Clicking on the button will open up the bowtie print preview page in a new tab (you will need disable the pop up blocker for our application). The bowtie print preview page allows you to manipulate the output (such as page orientation, size, etc.). Once you are done with the changes, click on the “Print” button and this will bring up the browser print option.

Google Chrome has the functionality of printing page to PDF by default. However if you are using a different browser and that option is not available to you, you can opt to use RiskView’s built in PDF printer, by clicking on the “Save PDF” button. Clicking on that option will generate a PDF of your bowtie.

Note: Our built in PDF printer tends to not perform optimally if the bowtie has lots of components in it. In that case, we recommend to use Chrome’s PDF printer instead.

Alternatively, you can print multiple bowties in a single document from the Risk Scenario Grid View. To achieve that, simply navigate to the Risk Scenario Grid View and select the bowties that you want to include in your print out (hint: you can achieve that by holding “CTRL” and select the bowtie you are interested in).

Generating Detailed Reports

Alternatively, you can utilise our reporting function to generate detailed reports about the bowtie by clicking on the “Show Reports” button from the toolbar.

The most commonly used reports are:

  1. Risk Scenario Details Report
  2. Bowties Report