Cyber Risk

Cyber risk is a fast-growing area of business vulnerability and one on which the public spotlight repeatedly shines.

Many organisations think of cyber risk only in terms of cybersecurity, but this is just one area of vulnerability. The risks and rewards can be much broader, particularly in a transformational context and considering competition and digital value drivers, but scaling to leverage those opportunities without losing control is problematic.

Are the controls you have in place sufficient to counteract the increasing frequency and number of cyber vectors faced by your company?

To Succeed:

Cyber risk needs to be seen in the broadest context of business as usual and enabling new and more efficient modes of operation, with the shared responsibility that follows.

Every risk that depends on technological support depends on an assessment of cyber risk and the related controls.

Awareness of exposure paths and the high-speed means to prevent and mitigate the types of disruptions that can occur need to be resourced correspondingly.

Management failure to invest properly in cybersecurity controls can undermine business-as-usual resilience.

Without a centralised cyber risk management tool, it is unreasonable to expect those accountable to stay on top of fast-developing standards and ever-emerging threats.

What Good Looks Like:

Outsourcing infrastructure hosting to cloud providers can deliver higher levels of basic security but control frameworks still need to be rigorously and continuously verified, especially where layers of infrastructure cross multiple boundaries.

Maximising engagement across a wide range of stakeholders and subject matter experts ensures a broad range of vulnerability pathways are identified, assessed and the right controls applied.

Infrastructure complexity can be managed with standardised risk visualisation methods to ensure a shared understanding of threats and treatment, prevention and mitigation.

Accountability boundaries need to be clearly defined to ensure that control intent, implementation, and monitoring align with the specific vulnerability pathways identified.

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Ease of Use

With Meercat Riskview training is made simple and the software is intuitive – it’s easy to use for anyone. You can automate tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. Best of all you can save time and money with our user-friendly software.

Drive Standardisation

Eliminate human errors by customising your own templates in our software that will integrate seamlessly with your current systems. This minimises variation across all aspects of your risk assessment and control verification processes.

Accelerate Risk Management Maturity

Maximize your business success with risk-informed strategic decision making.

Single View of Risks and Controls

Eliminate spreadsheets and versioning headaches with our software. We help you control and watch any potential risks at a glance. Dissolve risk silos by bringing together risks from across your business in a single easy to understand view.

Ease of Collaboration

Deliver organisation-wide visibility and transparency by assigning permissions on risk registers to your team members and giving them access to relevant workflows. Share the relevant information with a click of a button and help make decisions easier with our workshop functions.


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