Critical Controls

Critical control management is the critical component of effective risk management and one that too few companies implement and monitor effectively.

Targeted and routine verification of critical control effectiveness remains the only sure-fire mechanism for delivering preventative and mitigative risk reduction.

To meet verification resourcing demands, programmes need to demonstrate maximum coverage with minimum effort. Engaging line management, operations, and maintenance staff to see repeated checks and “checking the checker” activities as worthwhile demands low-friction data gathering tasks and maximum value outputs and insights in close to real-time, further straining resources.

What is the effectiveness of your critical controls, now, and what are you doing to strengthen the weakest ones?


To Succeed:

Shared and clear understanding of the risk scenario and the role critical controls play in the prevention and mitigation aspects.

Detailed understanding of what makes a critical control effective in every specific causal and consequential pathway.

Linking control performance standards directly to compliance, business requirements, and best-practice.

Following up on weaknesses identified in verification activities.

Implementation of ongoing reviews and improvement cycles.

What Good Looks Like:

Critical controls cross event boundaries: dissolve all risk and control silos with a standardised approach that is easy to understand, monitor and optimise.

Standardise all control effectiveness assessments to create a level playing field for all investment decisions.

Leverage activities so that a single verification activity has maximum application.

Enable the performance of verifications where the activity needs to be performed with low-friction and single data touch.

Configure dashboards to monitor control assurance levels as they are verified.

To read more on this topic take a look at:

International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) Article: Critical Control Management Implementation Guide

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has published the Health and Safety Critical Control Management Good Practice Guide (Good Practice Guide) (2015), which outlines the approach to critical control management (CCM) for use in the mining and metals industry. This document provides guidance to implement the CCM approach in the Good Practice Guide. It also provides history and context of the approach, potential benefits and obstacles, and how an organisation can adopt CCM. Read More

Australasian Mine Safety Journal: Critical control management – Is it working?

A key focus of the mining and metals industry both internationally and in Australia, has been to identify and manage the acts (description of what a person should do), objects (a device that works without acts), or systems (combination of acts and objects) on mine sites required to either prevent, so far as reasonably practicable, serious incidents and/or high potential incidents from occurring or to minimise the consequences if incidents were to occur. Read More


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Ease of Use

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Drive Standardisation

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Accelerate Risk Management Maturity

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Single View of Risks and Controls

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