Completing Verification Wizard

When a Verification is generated and assigned to you, you will receive an email notification from RiskView, which contains additional information regarding the Verification.

To access the Verification Wizard, you can click on the link provided in the email notification (depending on your system configuration, you may find links to complete the Verification in Online and Offline mode).

Once you are in the Verification Wizard, the first thing you will find is the Introduction section. This section normally includes relevant information, such as instructions to complete the Verification (this is configurable and the contents come from the Verification Template, read more about it here).

If the user wishes to use a mobile device (with an iOS or Android operating system) to complete the verification, the RiskView mobile app is the best solution, the mobile app has the verification wizard integrated into the interface for the best user experience. For a guide to performing verification on mobile see this knowledge base article.

To proceed with the Verification, user can click on the next button, the right arrow in the toolbar, or simply swipe right if using it from a mobile device.

Alternatively, user can click on the Page Selector to quickly navigate to a specific page.

To complete the Verification Wizard, user needs to go through all questions and fill out all required fields, fields not marked with a risk asterisk are option and their completion is up to the user.

Invalid questions will be marked with Red Dot and completed questions will be marked with Green Fill.

When the user opens a Verification Wizard, that item will be locked to the user on that device. Other users can still view the locked Verification Wizard, however they will not be able to make any changes (more on that in the next section).

The new verification wizard saves changes automatically when a page is changed by pressing next or using the navigation arrows.

User also has the option to generate a Print Preview of the Verification Wizard, simply by clicking on the “Print” button from the Page Selector.

Once all questions are completed and all required fields are populated, user can then proceed to the last page and submit the Verification Wizard.

Submitting the Verification Wizard will close out the Verification and send out any Actions created in the Wizard.

Additional Related Information

For Critical Risk Control Verification and Risk Scenarios (via Major Accident Events), user may find additional information that can help in completing the Verification Wizard.

The additional information can be found in the Overview page.

User can click on the “Bowtie” button to view the related bowtie.

Attaching Supporting Files to Verification Wizard

User can choose to attach supporting files to each question in the Verification Wizard. To do that, click on the “Add Attachment” section. If operating from a smartphone, user will be able to launch the Camera application from the phone and attach the photo taken.

Viewing a Read-Only Verification Wizard

As mentioned previously, the Verification Wizard will be locked to the user upon viewing it (if it is not locked). However, other users are still able to view a locked Verification Wizard in read-only mode. Opening a verification being performed by another user will prompt the user and ask whether they want to view a read only version or perform the verification themselves.

A verification that is open in read only mode will be displayed with a lock icon in the toolbar, opening the index tab will display the user currency performing the verification.