Change Management

Change is often driven by an objective to improve performance. However, few changes come without risk. Only by controlling these risks can you ensure the change will lead to the desired outcome. Organisational change management often suffers from the same basic issues that undermine success.

Do you have a robust verification process in place to ensure that all controls delivering the change value are functioning as expected?


To Succeed:

The duration of the project has to be short or the period between progress reviews should be short. Processes should be scheduled for frequent and visible delivery of benefit.

The team has to have the skills and attributes necessary to deliver the outcomes.

Management and all stakeholders affected by the change have to continually demonstrate buy-in.

Ensure that the workload of the stakeholders affected by the change is balanced. Overworking leaves too many loose ends.

What Good Looks Like:

Team vulnerabilities are identified early and supported with mentoring and coaching from senior people, driving cross-company empathy.

By communicating the challenges being discovered with all stakeholders involved in the change project, conversations start generating solutions. Celebrate successes too.

When stakeholders are involved in the feedback loop, they feel listened too and will get involved in supporting the change momentum.

By off-loading non-key activities from overworked resources, decision making becomes faster, clearer and more decisive leading to more and bigger wins.

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Quanta Magazine Article: Proof Finds That All Change Is a Mix of Order and Randomness

Tim Austin’s work has to do with some of the most-studied objects in mathematics: the mathematical descriptions of change. These descriptions, known as dynamical systems, apply to everything from the motion of the planets to fluctuations of the stock market. Wherever dynamical systems occur, mathematicians want to understand basic facts about them. And one of the most basic facts of all is whether dynamical systems, no matter how complex, can be broken up into random and deterministic elements. Read More


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