mining safety risk management


Mining case study – Nickel WA

Safety Risk Management, Process Safety

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“I was very impressed with the level of risk management maturity demonstrated by Meercat during our visit. Every person engaged during the visit was able to speak logically about risk and control and more importantly how it impacted their work environment. It was very exciting to see the risk vision in action and playing an important part in business success.”Nickel WA executive


Nickel WA required a safety risk management software package that could reduce the time and effort involved in controlling their safety risk exposure across the mining business. (Note: the client requested we not use their real trading name in this case study).

The nature of their operations demanded a product that could function equally well for safety risk management and process hazards analysis.

The ability to perform bowtie analysis quickly and accurately was a key factor. The bowtie analysis software product also needed to be reliable, able to function across a range of computing devices, and scalable to suit the size of the operation.


RiskView was a perfect fit for Nickel WA’s needs across the mining production and processing sites. Existing data from spreadsheets was migrated into the bowtie analysis software module, and existing bowtie analysis work could be recreated. Future risk analysis then used RiskView’s intuitive bowtie analysis modelling tools.

RiskView was deployed with full functionality for hazard studies (HAZOPs), risk analysis, and in-field auditing. The software was optimised for Windows Mobile to assist with auditing.

Transitioning to a safety risk management software product allowed risk managers to standardise their risk practices, which produced immediate results for managing common critical controls. Reporting from RiskView provided timely, actionable inputs for risk decision-making.


Working with RiskView enabled Nickel WA to achieve greater visibility and control of risk management across the business. This gave senior management confidence in their understanding of where critical risks needed to be better managed.

RiskView could operate alongside existing processes and other software products with minimal disruption. Several systems were able to be replaced entirely by RiskView.

RiskView also improved the efficiency and quality of work in risk management. The bowtie analysis software module in particular reduced the time investment needed to create bowtie diagrams.