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Australasian logistics and freight case study

Process Safety, Safety Risk Management

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We have been using Meercat since early 2018, and have found it very useful in terms of organising our bowtie development process. The tool provides a succinct method for collating the critical risk cause, control and consequence data as it is collected in each bowtie development session.Safety & Wellbeing Programme Manager


Our client consists of a range of businesses providing transport, logistics, communication and business solutions. The company delivers several million items a year to almost 2 million delivery points in its vast territory.

Our client required a risk management solution to simplify and consolidate critical safety risks across its sites and perform bowtie analysis quickly and accurately.

Ease of reporting was key to satisfy multiple stakeholders including regulators, staff, clients and contractors, and the application had to be reliable, flexible and easy to access across a range of computing devices.

Like many companies throughout the world, our client had been largely using Excel to capture risk studies which was proving cumbersome and of limited use in visualising and communicating risks to general stakeholders as well as senior management. Expansion gave them an opportunity to seek a more unified fit-for-purpose approach to identifying, analysing, managing and communicating risks.


Meercat RiskView was ideal for the client as a modern, secure cloud based solution, accessible from anywhere.

RiskView’s ability to provide an intuitive and user-friendly package was also sought by the company, not only to improve the efficiency of use but also to gain internal buy-in from personnel at various levels.

In terms of roll out, the client was able to embark on their renewed critical safety risk initiative using Meercat RiskView with limited disruption to normal practices. New bowtie analyses were done directly within RiskView, with the client’s specific risk matrix, terminology, severities, base controls, risk hierarchies and calculation methodologies easily configured and customised.

RiskView’s around the clock accessibility from any location, which harnesses a single source of company data, meant results were immediately collated in a central location with real time dashboards displaying up to date metrics for stakeholders.


The client was so impressed with the system they are now working on further utilisation of critical control and quantitative risk assessment features to increase the maturity of the company’s risk management process in line with best practices. Integration of the software with the group-wide corporate governance system is being planned.

To date, the key values RiskView has delivered to the client include:

• Substantial savings in time and cost.
• The ability to access relevant information anywhere any time, through RiskView’s secure cloud-based hosting
• A central system to securely store risk knowledge, which has reduced re-work with new regulatory requirements
• Highly configurable access levels enabling user access control
• Streamlined methods to create bow ties
• Customisable real-time reporting and dashboarding providing a high-degree of confidence and transparency