Infrastructure Risk Case Study

New Zealand broadband network provider case study

Infrastructure Risk Management, Cyber Risk Management

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Meercat RiskView was ideal for the client as a modern, secure cloud-based solution, accessible from anywhere.


Our client is a major broadband network provider in New Zealand.

Our client required a quantitative risk modelling solution to ensure they could meet their up-time SLAs. They also needed a risk management system with a greater degree of flexibility, enabling them to control access and share data across the company. Ease of reporting was key to satisfy the demands of multiple stakeholders.

Tied in with this, the ability to perform bowtie analysis quickly and accurately was a crucial factor. The bowtie analysis software product also needed to be reliable, able to function across a range of computing devices.

Like many companies throughout the world, our client had been largely using Microsoft Excel to capture risk studies and formulate bowties, define critical controls, calculate risk and integrate various policies. As they expanded their operations, they saw an opportunity to evolve beyond the Excel model to a more unified, enterprise approach to managing risks.


Meercat RiskView was ideal for the client as a modern, secure cloud-based solution, accessible from anywhere. RiskView’s ability to provide an intuitive and user-friendly package was also sought by the company, not only to improve the efficiency of use but also to gain internal buy-in from personnel at various levels.

In terms of roll out, the client was able to switch over to RiskView with limited disruption to normal practices. New risk analysis is done directly within RiskView, with the client’s specific risk matrix, terminology, severities, base controls, risk hierarchies and calculation methodologies easily configured and customised.

Furthermore, migration of data to RiskView was straight forward, using the software’s import functionality to enter existing hazard worksheets seamlessly. Bowtie diagrams have subsequently been auto-generated from imported worksheets, saving time, effort and improving visibility of risks.


Our client was able to improve the efficiency of capturing risk and analysing the effectiveness of control measures dealing with a diverse range of scenarios, from damage to network infrastructure to malicious software intrusions.

To date, the key value Meercat RiskView has delivered to our client include:

• Substantial savings in time and cost.
• The ability to access relevant information any time, anywhere through RiskView’s secure cloud-based hosting
• A central system to securely store risk knowledge, which has reduced re-work with new regulatory and other safety related reports.
• Streamlined methods to create bow ties and hazard registers
• Powerful yet simple to use reporting and dashboarding features.

As a prominent company with an extensive set of sensitive data, our client was extremely mindful of data security issues. RiskView is hosted by Amazon Web Services using the same level of data encryption & security employed by the banking sector, which gave them a high level of assurance.