Business Continuity

An organisation’s ability to swiftly and effectively manage the response to a major event has become the single hallmark every stakeholder looks to when voting with their feet or their pocket.

Knowing the potential impact of an event and being prepared for it when it does occur are clearly two different things, but managing both in the same system is not just possible, it’s desirable.

Is your business prepared to continue operating?


To Succeed:

Identifying the correct boundary for an event's transition from preventative to mitigative can dramatically improve the response planning and preparations.

Response speed and effectiveness requires an on-going commitment to and from all stakeholders, internal and external, and a deep understanding of their specific needs and capabilities.

Appropriate scenario modelling can provide the financial justification for investment in continuity infrastructure.

Monitoring mitigative controls requires the same methodology as per preventative controls, it's just that setting up test conditions can be more complex, costly and disruptive.

Understanding the capabilities of external providers requires frequent assessment and monitoring.

What Good Looks Like:

Maximising engagement across a wide range of stakeholders and subject matter experts ensures a broad range of vulnerability pathways are identified, assessed and the right controls applied, ensuring a rapid return to business as usual.

Infrastructure complexity can be managed with standardised risk visualisation methods to ensure a shared understanding of the mitigation processes and their challenges.

Critical controls cross event boundaries: dissolve all risk and control silos with a standardised approach that is easy to understand, monitor and optimise, reducing costs for infrequently used controls.

Accountability boundaries need to be clearly defined to ensure that control intent, implementation, and monitoring align with the specific vulnerability pathways identified

Reduced friction in collaboration is a key but manageable problem, with the right systems in place.

Call Us Now: +61 1800 568 974. One of our experts will help you create a solution to meet your EHS and compliance needs.

Call Us Now: +61 1800 568 974. One of our experts will help you create a solution to meet your EHS and compliance needs.