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Meercat RiskView Webinar Series

Last month we hosted a short webinar covering on how easy it is to create Bowties in Meercat RiskView.

If you want to learn how our Bowtie Analysis Module makes it easy to create, maintain and distribute risk bowties, then this is the webinar for you.

Leveraging the benefits of Bowties has never been this productive.


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Bowtie Analysis

If you need to populate bowties in a workshop environment, the speed of data entry is paramount, which is why Meercat RiskView’s bowtie editor supports full keyboard control to reduce time and mistakes. Bowtie elements can easily be created rearranged, copied and pasted, and updated with values appropriate to your study objectives.

All aspects of the bowtie process can be configured with visual elements defined within switchable perspectives so that one bowtie can be presented in completely different formats.

Risk ratings can be set manually or calculated dynamically based on the values associated with causes, consequences, and controls.

Bowtie data is available via a variety of reports or can be exported to Excel for further end-user analysis.

Our customers consistently report that using Meercat RiskView for bowtie analysis has delivered dramatic increases in bowtie workshop productivity as well as knowledge sharing and embedding.


Meercat RiskView’s integrated features combine to provide you the best-practice risk and control assurance process. Leverage the knowledge gathered from efficiency leaders to drive your risk maturity and business improvement with Meercat RiskView.

For more information, visit our Bowtie Analysis Page or Book a Demo with one of our customer solutions consultants today.

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