Best-Practice in Risk Control Software

Operating an efficient critical control verification process can be a real struggle.

The month to month grind of completing verifications and compiling results on even small sites consumers precious time.

For multi-site miners, keeping sites aligned and on-time with results correlated and aggregated often requires dedicated resources.

But thanks to the industry-proven, cloud-based solution Meercat RiskView, efficiency gains are only a small part of the benefit available.

After managing the roll-out of a bowtie-driven critical control verification process across almost 100 Dyno Nobel sites in its Asia-Pacific Operations, Dyno Nobel senior risk manager for the Americas Andrew Cunningham realised a new approach was needed in the US to achieve economies of scale for the additional 100 sites there.

“Having one global framework that supports local, regional and divisional requirements, reduces duplication of effort and data inconsistency and ensures that our bowtie-driven critical control verification process continues to drive visibility and understanding or how our critical controls are performing, is vital to our business,” Mr Cunningham said.

“Being able to streamline these processes is also saving our site personnel and HSE staff tremendous amounts of effort in manually recording and updating records in multiple repositories.”

Meercat founder Alex Apostolou said all of the company’s clients were facing unique challenges as they attempted to adopt standardised methodologies, including ICMM, and implement them, in many cases, across geographically, culturally and technologically diverse operations.

“Like IGO, Mt Gibson, Tronnox, Sandfire and many of our other clients, Dynos are a great example of continuous improvement,” Mr Apostolou said.

“Year on year, they identify the next set of challenges to be addressed and then we work with them to condense those learnings into Meercat RiskView to further simplify and optimise the risk and assurance process.

“And under our subscription model every enhancement is shared, so in a sense, Dynos are driving best-practice across the industry.

“For example, we’re just finishing a 28 site greenfield roll-out for an energy generator covering over one thousand critical engineering controls, and leveraging those learnings has delivered around 80 percent in savings.

“They are already developing targeted improvement plans for every asset, a major step in improving their operational integrity.”

Meercat RiskView is cloud-based, runs on both desktop and mobile, supporting both on- and off-line access, and supports the full risk and assurance life-cycle with real-time analysis and visualisation.

First published in The Australian Mining Review:

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