Assurance and Audit

As awareness of risk exposure expands, boards have been pushing for a single view of all risk, assurance and audit activities. Upgrades to risk management infrastructure has seen a pick up of a range of independent systems with the glue being applied via BI frameworks, attempting to display everything in one place. But fundamental problems remain: differences in methodologies, terminology, categorisations, measures, and processes, have ensured that consistency remains elusive. Management teams, audit committees, and boards still lack a clear, accurate, and comprehensive picture of the risks to their organisation and the monitoring in place.

How much time are you spending massaging data to make sense?


To Succeed:

Risk and assurance activities are designed to strengthen a company's controls and thereby preserve shareholder value.

Reinforcing why these valuable governance mechanisms exist, and not just relegating them to bureaucratic check-the-box exercises remains a vital responsibility for leadership.

Continual reference to one risk view and therefore one assurance view is critical to increasing levels of responsiveness, efficiency, and robustness across all levels of the business.

What Good Looks Like:

Assurance activities are shared out amongst all employees so that everyone gets an insight into the controls delivering the risk reduction.

The information required for decision making is already aligned, eliminating the need to re-calibrate values to another standard before comparisons made, irrespective of domain, location, function or process.

Assurance data is summarised and simple to understand and act on, with supporting detail to provide the background as and when required.

Everyone in your company is focused on what really matters and the accountabilities for risks and controls are clear and visible.

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Deloitte Article: Integrated Risk Assurance

Over the past decade, as financial, operational, strategic, cyber, reputational, and other risks have proliferated, organizations have been working on effective responses. Boards have placed risk oversight at the top of their agendas. Senior executives have upgraded the risk management infrastructure. Businesses and IT functions have adopted tools and solutions. Compliance, risk management,and chief audit executives have enhanced their functions’ capabilities.

Yet many management teams, audit committees, and boards still lack a clear, accurate, and comprehensive picture of the truly greatest risks to their organization and of the risk management programs that protect the organization. Ultimately, the purpose of risk frameworks, assurance and audit activities is to strengthen an organization’s controls to preserve shareholder value. From board directors to line managers, everyone occasionally loses sight of why these valuable governance mechanisms exist, relegating them to bureaucratic check-the-box exercises.

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Meercat RiskView Benefit Ease of Use

Ease of Use

With Meercat Riskview training is made simple and the software is intuitive – it’s easy to use for anyone. You can automate tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. Best of all you can save time and money with our user-friendly software.

Meercat RiskView Software Benefit Drive Standardisation

Drive Standardisation

Eliminate human errors by customising your own templates in our software that will integrate seamlessly with your current systems. This minimises variation across all aspects of your risk assessment and control verification processes.

Across Devices, On and Offline

Use our cloud-based software whether in the office or in the field. Even in areas with poor signal you can use our critical control verification and auditing features offline and synch all of the data once you are online. You can also use certain features on any device, giving you access to your information and data anywhere at anytime.

Meercat RiskView Software Benefit Accelerate Risk Management Maturity

Accelerate Risk Management Maturity

Maximize your business success with risk-informed strategic decision making.

Meercat RiskView Software Benefit Single View of Risks and Controls

Single View of Risks and Controls

Eliminate spreadsheets and versioning headaches with our software. We help you control and watch any potential risks at a glance. Dissolve risk silos by bringing together risks from across your business in a single easy to understand view.