Action Tracking

Are you tracking all your preventative and corrective actions effortlessly?

Action tracking and workflow are both integrated into every aspect of the VelocityEHS Risk Management solution. The risk and assurance life-cycle is managed centrally and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, saving time and money, day in and out.

Actions can be assigned to roles and people, are tracked and escalated automatically, providing a line of sight management across any sized company.

When performing verifications in off-line situations, actions can be created and assigned, with full synchronisation when connectivity is re-established.

Critically, recipients are provided with the full context of every action, eliminating time wasted on establishing the correct context.

Dashboards show actions directly and in the aggregate as they progress through the workflow process, even if they flow through an external work-order system.

By keeping all actions in one place with one flexible and configurable process, VelocityEHS’ Risk Management solution reduces administrative overheads and increases efficiency, ensuring that the loop is always closed.

Leveraging integrated action management delivers complete transparency and efficiency.