Accessing Verification Wizard

There are multiple ways the user can access the verification wizard to complete verifications:

  1. From the email notification
  2. From Verification Activity Timeline dashlet
  3. From Verification Activity grid view
  4. From In-Tray

From Email Notification

When a Verification is generated, the owner of the Verification will receive an email notification, which includes details of the Verification and links to the Verification Wizard.

The email notification also includes an ICS file which allows user to save the Verification details to a nominated email client.

From the email notification, user can choose to perform the Verification online or offline (this may vary depending on the configuration of your environment).

When the online option is chosen, a new browser tab will be opened and the related Verification Wizard will be opened.

From Verification Activity Timeline Dashlet

The Verification Activity Timeline dashlet shows all Verifications in a timeline view, similar to a Gantt Chart.

User will be navigated to the Verification Wizard upon clicking on the “Verification Activity Wizard” button. User will be prompted to switch Register if the item belongs to another Register.

From Verification Activity Grid View

All open Verifications will be listed in the Open Verification Activities grid view. To view the list, click on Browse, navigate to Assurance -> Open Verification Activities.

Once you are in the grid view, you can access the Verification Wizard by selecting the item you want to view and click on the “Verification Activity Wizard” button from the toolbar. Alternatively, you can find that option from the right click menu.

The grid view also displays useful information about the Verifications, such as the due date, owner, completion status.

From In-Tray

By default, the In-Tray will only show issues regarding your system setup (this is done so to reduce the overwhelming data being available to the user). You can read more about it here.

If you want the assigned Verifications to appear in the In-Tray, you can enable it by changing it from the Configuration. Instructions to do so can be found here.

When user clicks on the In-Tray button from the navigation menu, a list of issues or items will be shown to the user.

The image above shows a list of Verifications assigned to the user. Clicking on the item will bring up the properties panel, of which the user can utilise to open up the Verification Wizard.