Meercat partners with industry-leading consultants in the Process Safety, HSEQ and Enterprise Risk and Assurance fields to deliver optimal, efficient and tailored solutions for our Clients.

Meercat Partners are often the first to introduce RiskView to their Clients by using it in workshops to accelerate the delivery of risk identification, assessment, analysis or assurance projects.

Meercat recommends Partners to Clients when looking to augment the Implementation Team in areas of facilitation, risk policy development and general consulting.

In this sense, the relationship between Meercat and our Partner organisations is symbiotic, with the Client benefiting from knowledgeable Consultants that leave a “Living Safety Case” as they walk out the door.

Meercat supports Partners by offering a range of Partnering packages which can include subscriptions, training, mutual marketing and conference activities, as well as on-going technical support.

If you’re interested in exploring Partnering opportunities with Meercat, please contact us today.

Some of our existing partners are:


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