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Meercat is your expert partner for risk software

Meercat Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated company specialising in the design, development and support of the risk and control assurance software package, Meercat RiskView.

We pride ourselves on empowering our clients to take on difficult risk problems, solving them and then ensuring they stay solved.

Meercat was founded in 2002 with the mission to reduce the burden on risk managers to manage their risk.

Since then, as responsibility for risk and assurance has devolved further within almost every organisation, our mission has evolved to support a broader range of users collaborate in identifying and controlling risk.

With experience in rolling out risk and safety software into many of the world’s biggest companies, we can take pride in our past achievements, but are more motivated in solving the problems on the horizon.

All of our people share this mission and the power, quality, flexibility and simplicity of our software reaffirms this: we are always striving to deliver better service and support to our growing customer base.

If you’re thinking about coming on board as a client, let us know what your challenges are, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Contact us today to learn more about how Meercat RiskView can help your business and manage risk and assurance more efficiently.

Key People at Meercat

Alex has an extensive background in process safety within the chemical manufacturing and mining sectors. He was involved in the development of early risk management software products in the 1980s. In 2002, Alex founded Meercat to pursue his vision of risk software that reduced wasted time, effort and money. He has been a keen driver of innovation within the business and across the Australian software industry.
Pete Lacey is our lead solutions consultant and facilitator.

He has a background in sociology and applied risk management in the Australian security sector.

His focus is on ensuring that new clients get the risk management software package that best fits their needs.

He delivers the project management, training, facilitation and other services to get clients up and running with RiskView.

Marion first started in the Software industry ten years ago as a Business Developer. After a degree in Information System she retrained herself successfully as a Solution Consultant. She brings to the team her expertise in implementing software in industrial environment, with a set of both people and technical skills.
Sil heads up our Software Development area.

He is an expert in all aspects of software design, development and delivery and his contribution has been central to RiskView’s success over the years.

Sil is continually refining the architecture, services, Security and performance of RiskView to ensure that our users always have the tools they need.

Nelson manages our Technical and Client Support Area.

He has an amazing set of skills in business analysis, risk management and software development.

His technical expertise is invaluable in piloting innovative developments in RiskView’s capabilities.

He excels in managing change, and often provides leadership to our clients during the initial implementation of new risk processes.

He has exceptional knowledge of the product and the value that it brings to our customers.

Cristina brings a wealth of experience in business administration to her role at Meercat.

She has been the key driver behind our business model and processes since the business was founded.

She oversees the financial and administration functions to ensure service continuity for our clients.

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