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Just Culture

I love working at Meercat. Every day we are working with some very clever and dedicated professionals who take the time to consider the impacts of what they do, what the effects will be, how things will coexist, how things will meet a myriad of current and future objectives, how they will be done for a minimal budget and how, by and large they will be maintained with a minimum of effort. Clearly, we aren’t working with politicians. To make the world function, the people with whom we talk assemble resources, power, equipment, people and funding, transforming them into a producing, generating, value-delivering pieces of living and maintainable infrastructure, with a social license to operate. Clearly, we aren’t talking to politicians. I know that politicians were once like you and I, struggling to do their best for team, their project, their company, but the culture of politics obviously changes them. So I wondered how our pollies would score on Reason’s Just Culture Process test.

Just Culture Process

Just Culture Process Model

Just Culture Process Model

I couldn’t find a way to get them past Sabotage or Malevolent Act. You?

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