A Word From Alex

A Word from Alex | June

Globally, companies are adopting digital transformation strategies – exposing business models, reengineering business processes, and reimagining work. Central to the success of all these change activities is the requirement to understand and control risk.

Meercat delivers high-value products and services that enable customers to be better stewards of the people, environment, assets and investment entrusted to them.

The Meercat Road Map highlights innovations that may help you plan and implement your digital transformation strategy in a way that maximises your stewardship efforts while minimising potential negative impacts. It spans capabilities relevant to all aspects of the broad range of disciplines that are bundled under the title of risk, such as safety, compliance, assurance, governance, resilience, integrity, etc. and explains how our innovations may add value to your business. View the Road Map

Publishing our roadmap and engaging with our customer-base more directly is the first step in our own digital transformation strategy. In a few weeks, we’ll be announcing both our Product Advisory Board and the dates for our first Meercat RiskView Gang-Ups.

Of course, if you have any feedback on this or any other issues, I’d love to hear from you. Email me directly at alex@meercat.com.au or call me on +61 (0)407 779 879.


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