Alex Apostolou, Founder and CEO

A Word from Alex | April

I’ve wanted to share what we’ve been working hard on over the last few months.

The first big news is our website. Many months in the making, it’s the first major project from our marketing team of Andres and Kaitlin, and one of which I am very excited.

Outwardly, the style is a major change: we are now sporting a next-generation look and feel, with enhanced usability, multi-device adaptability, speed, and readability.

But that was only part of the challenge. We also wanted to have the ability to consolidate any sort of content around the specific themes of solutions, industries, and features. In these terms, the new site really delivers. Consistent feedback told us that all the content is great, but trying to find it was really difficult. By dynamically linking content (blog posts, knowledge base articles, case studies, videos, etc.) with the related themes, access to the most important information is now faster and hopefully more useful for both existing and prospective customers.

The other big news is that we are getting very close to releasing Meercat RiskView v8.0. This release has been under development for over 12 months and signals the beginning of a huge range of product improvements that will make implementing, learning, using, collaborating and gaining insights from RiskView simpler and faster.

First up, v8.0 will perform much, much faster. We have re-written the server component to take advantage of new technologies, and the results we have seen so far are showing orders of magnitude improvement in time to complete, especially on larger operations.

Configuration changes will no longer require a re-start! That’s right, config changes will be applied in real-time, and everyone will start using the new values as soon as they are saved. This is a huge change which will mean that implementation can now proceed in a much more incremental way as things can be changed as soon as they are identified.

Finally, the other big changes are in the application appearance, which now sports a new look and feel that is much simpler, more powerful, and makes navigating around RiskView more intuitive and faster.

V8.0 is scheduled to launch soon and will be followed by a raft of significant releases that will deliver:

  • Report Designer to enable users to include data from RiskView or many other cloud-based sources, design and distribute their own reports, on demand or on schedule to their teams, including support for KPI definition, alarming and notifications.
  • BI Dashboard Designer to enable users to include data from RiskView or many other cloud-based sources, build, and share dashboards, on-demand or on schedule, including support for KPI definition, alarming and notifications.
  • Data Integration platform to enable administrators to access data from RiskView or many other cloud-based sources to create workflows that import, transform and export data to meet almost any requirement.

These changes will dramatically simplify the communication and understanding of risks and controls across our customers.

If you have any thoughts around these items or any others, I’d be glad to hear them.

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